How to promote your podcast on social media

Jamie McGregor 28th October 2020

We all know that we should be promoting our podcasts on social media. But what exactly does that mean? It’s all too common for podcasters to create social media accounts without a clear strategy or direction.

Let’s take a look at a few ways we can effectively utilize this powerful tool to keep our existing audiences engaged as well as attracting new listeners.  

1. Create quote images

Find a particularly memorable or meaningful nugget from your podcast and turn it into a quote image. There are many ways to go about creating an image like this but the easiest option is to use the free tool Canva. Be sure to include a link to the episode of the podcast that the quote came from in your post if possible.

If you want to take this to the next level, make it a quote from a guest who featured in an episode of your podcast and be sure to tag them in the post - that’s a guaranteed retweet!

If you need any help creating these images, feel free to contact me ( and I’d be happy to help!

2. Tease the next episode before release

Build some hype about your next episode! This could be as simple as a short post about the topic that you are going to be discussing, but you will be surprised at how effective it is.

3. Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience and making them feel involved can earn your some real “hardcore” fans. A few ideas of how to engage with your audience are:

  • Always ask them what they thought about the episode a few days after it’s been posted. Just a simple text post is all you need. Also, make sure you respond to their feedback!
  • Get their input into upcoming episodes. This could be asking what topics they want covered, what questions they want you to ask a guest etc. (top tip, utilize polls for this, too!)
  • Get personal! It’s quite common for people to operate their podcast’s social media accounts like they’re a business. Let people know that there’s a real person behind those posts.

4. Keep your latest episode pinned

A simple, but effective method to promote your podcast on social media. The likes of twitter and facebook will give you the option to have one of your posts “pinned” to the top of your page at all times. 

Pin a direct link to the latest episode of your podcast so new listeners can easily discover you.

5. Utilize your guests

Your guests probably have a whole audience who have never heard of your podcast. Do anything you can to get in front of them. A few methods are:

  • Saying that you are looking forward to having them on your podcast (as a public post)
  • Tagging them in your post with the link to the episode
  • Thanking them for being on your podcast (as a public post)

6. Create short soundbite clips

One of my absolute favorite tools for promoting podcasts is wavve. It’s a super simple tool that allows you to upload an audio clip of your podcast and generate a video for it.

You have probably seen videos like these floating around social media - they’re very popular.

7. Reshare, reshare and reshare again!

Everyone’s social media feeds are very busy these days, it’s easy for your posts to get lost. Posting a link to the new episode of your podcast once is not enough.

Honestly, my advice would be to be quite aggressive with this approach, don’t worry too much about spamming people. Retweet it, reshare it, quote tweet it - hit every angle to get it in front of people.

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